How to Select the Best T-shirt Material: A Guide to Fabric Blends

It’s hard enough to choose a t-shirt design, and now that you’ve finally landed on one, you still have to decide on the fabric. Instead of just accepting the cheapest option, which may also be the toughest option, we’re going to get you up to speed on everything you need to know about choosing the right fabric for your custom quality t shirt.

Let’s get straight to it. We are going to break down the options and tell you everything you need to know before you decide on your types of fabric.

100% Cotton

Cotton t shirts have a lot to do with them. They’re usually the most economical option, and on top of that, they show colors off well. Your colors aren’t going to pop on any other fabric the way they will on a 100% combed cotton t-shirt.

However, cotton t-shirts are the least soft of the options, but there is still no need for an uncomfortable 100% cotton t-shirt. At Wannaink, we don’t sell t-shirts that we don’t think you’ll like. In other words, there’s always going to be a difference in comfort between 100% cotton and a tri-blend t-shirt.


Also, not all-cotton t-shirts are the same. There will be a noticeable difference between one t-shirt company and the others.

A water-based print on 100% cotton

100% cotton t-shirts have been around for so long, and we think you know how it already feels. You probably already own a few cotton t-shirts, so let’s move on to polyester-cotton blends.

Polyester and cotton blends

The polyester-cotton blends come in little softer than 100% cotton t-shirts. Polyester gets manufactured through a chemical process, so you won’t find a lot of polyester growing outside, at least not the kind to be woven into your t-shirt. Polyester is usually heat-resistant, water-resistant, wrinkle resistant, and tear-resistant than 100% cotton t-shirts. They give the t-shirt a little more stretch, which feels pretty good.

t-shirt fabric types - water based
A water-based on a cotton/polyester blend

Polyesters are used in a variety of everyday items like bottles, film, and tarpaulin. They’re also a significant component of many wood finishes, especially for those found on guitars, pianos, and boats. Although plastic doesn’t sound like the most comfortable material, it’s a highly flexible material that you may not have thought of looking at in many ways.

If you haven’t tried a polyester t-shirt (it’s surprising what percentage of t-shirts have some polyester in them), then maybe it’s time to see how durable and comfortable they are. They’re going to cost slightly more than a cotton t-shirt, but if soft to the touch is what you’re going for, it’ll be worth it.


Thus, the name “tri-blends” is a blend of cotton, polyester, and Rayon. Here, Rayon is real magic. It’s a manufactured material, but it’s not considered synthetic because it’s made of organic material, wood pulp. Rayon can feel like silk, linen, cotton, or wool through various manufacturing techniques. It’s incredible that you can do so much with some wood!

t-shirt fabric types
A water-based print on a tri-blend

We recommend that you find out how comfortable one of these t-shirts can be if you do not currently have a tri-blend t-shirt. They’re usually the most expensive of the three choices. However, if you haven’t tried a tri-blend t-shirt and you want the most comfortable t-shirt in the world, it’s worth the price.

Alternative t-shirt fabric options

You now know almost everything you should know about the fabrics we offer at Wannaink. There are a few more options if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary fabrics. As these options are more limited than the first three, they’re going to be a bit expensive. Nevertheless, there are also some very unique advantages, particularly if you are heading somewhere & want something to keep you calm during the workout.


Bamboo is becoming more popular as a t-shirt material due to its anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties. These t-shirts are the right choice for a workout or run. They can keep the temperature down & make it a little easier to bear a hot summer day.


Viscose is a form of Rayon from wood pulp. It has some of the same properties as Rayon, but it’s also similar to bamboo in being perfect for a workout and athletic wear due to its natural moisture-wicking properties.


Hemp has been around for a long time, but hemp clothing is just starting to take off – and for a good reason.
Hemp insanely comfortable to wear, but it also actively saves the planet by absorbing massive amounts of carbon dioxide.

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