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What is Foil Printing?

It is a two-step process that allows us to print your design with a shiny metallic finish. First, we screen print the shape of your design using an adhesive ink. We then apply the foil over the top of the adhesive, heat it to 300 degrees, and remove the excess leaving only the shape of your design on the t-shirt. This method is a great solution for designs that require a shiny, reflective look or just for something a little different on your upcoming order.

Wannaink Custom Foil Printing T-shirts

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What Is The Average Turnaround Time For Foil Printing?

The standard turnaround time for foil printing is 7 to 14 business days from the date that your order is placed. However, to expedite your order, contact us as soon as possible at +91 965 454 6400 to ensure we can meet your deadline.

How Large Can You Print My Design Using Foil Printing?

We recommend a maximum print area of 12" width x 17" height. This is the standard size for a large image on a typical adult-sized t-shirt. For special requests regarding oversized printing or different print sizes, please call us at +91 965 454 6400.

How Can I Request A Price Quote On Foil Printing?

For help with pricing and other details on foil printing, please contact us at +91 965 454 6400 or email. We will be happy to provide pricing as well as offer a complimentary design review to make sure that foil printing is the best print option for you.


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