Save Money


We know you want to lower the price-per-shirt as much as possible, and create tshirts that you love and enjoy. Here are some ways that can help you to save money or keep money in your pocket:

Increase the quantity! In this industry, quantity is king. There is nothing else, besides number of print colors, that can move the price per shirt like quantity can. The more shirts you order, the less expensive it is. But if that is not a feasible option, then use the following tips:

Use less colors in the Print: We know and agree that color is awesome, we mean how could we not? We deal with hundreds of different inks a day and we have grown a custom to loving color but sometimes awesome comes with a price. This is why we offer alternatives because what some people want may not equal to what some can afford and we totally understand this. BUT, we disagree that price should be the deciding factor on whether your team, event, or organization orders t-shirts or not.
Use smaller patches (ie Reduce the area of print): Were you thinking of having your clothing produced on the front and back? And with sleeve styles as well? This is going to cost more than printing on the front only. So if you can get your message across in a single print, instead of all over the t-shirt, go for it – it will be cheaper, and also faster to print.

Get in touch with us if you’re not sure about anything. We pride ourselves in having the cheapest online t-shirt prices for custom shirts. The design review emails we write (after you save your design), the customer support emails we respond to, and the calls we receive are answered by real people looking to save you money. We’ll always provide our opinion if we believe there’s a way to make your shirts even cheaper.