Stuck explaining your product to the manufacturer?

What is a Tech Pack?

Have you experienced the disappointment of getting samples (or worse, actual production) that don’t match the product idea you had in your mind?

If you’re putting your heart, soul, and finances to design, it can be incredibly frustrating if it doesn’t work!

A tech pack or spec sheet, also refer as a technical packet – is a blueprint of your product.

It’s the manufacturer’s instructions sheet — all the specifications needed to create a garment. When production starts, it becomes a reference document. The manufacturer relies entirely on the information in the spec sheet to complete the design and bring it to fruition.

Consider your apparel tech pack as a comprehensive guide on how to get from start to finish, material details, design methods and measurement points. Poorly crafted technical packets can lead to production errors and huge losses. The more detailed information in the spec sheet, the chance is that the finished product will match the original design. Additionally, there will be less risk of miscommunication or error, saving both parties time and money.

If you are a brand or a fashion designer, use a tech pack to leverage your clothing or textile production. Translate your product concept to an instructional document with the specifications that the factory needs to follow.

Avoid expensive mistakes, reduce your sampling costs moreover increase your speed to market.

All you need to get started is a rough sketch of your design, the fabrics you’re using, and a sample/prototype of your product.

Tech Pack Example

apparel tech pack tank top