Take your obsession with WANNAINK to the next level!

Become a WANNAINK Campus Rep and get an inside look at one of the coolest collegiate brands while you build your resume and bring WANNAINK to your campus.

Campus rep

Want the best opportunity on campus? Join Team Wannaink

become a campus rep
As a Campus Rep, you will have the most interesting opportunity on campus.
You’ll network with college students, implement campaigns, facilitate sales & making t-shirts for thousands of happy students.
The best part is, it’s on your time & the possibilities for pay are endless. You’ll smile the whole time & love what you are doing. We guarantee it!

Invent Sales Ideas


Network with Organizations


Facilitate Orders


Arrange In-Person Meetings


Influence Over Social Media


Communicate with BDL

There’s no better Time than the Present!

If you love fashion, design, and social media, join our campus ambassador programs! You’ll be THE PLUG at your campus for Wanna Ink.
Getting not just your chapter but all the other chapters on campus to come through you for event t-shirts, big little everything, pens, you name it!
Wanna Ink can offer it all. As a campus ambassador, you earn a commission on every order you bring in no matter the size. 1 set of pens or 1000 tees you make money, so get on board because business is BOOMIN.!

Are you ready for this? Qualities of a Successful Campus Rep

Social, Outgoing Personality

Entrepreneurial Attitude

Strong Organizational Skills

Fanatical Attention to Detail

Dependable and Resourceful

Customer-First Mindset

get skills and cash

to start your

clothing line

while still in school or college

get real-world sales & marketing experience

Earn ₹₹₹ while you study.