Save money

Save Money in your Custom T-shirts Order

Searching a company to print your customized t-shirt at a reasonable price can be difficult…or, is it? Staying on budget is easier than you think! Most t-shirt printing companies wouldn’t spend the time to educate you on the process. We know you wish to lower the price per shirt as much as possible & create t shirts that you love & enjoy.

Here are some ways that can help you to save money or keep money in your pocket:

Order Higher Quantities: 

In this industry, quantity is king. There is nothing else besides the number of colors to be printed that can move the price per t-shirt as quantity can. The more t-shirts you order, the less costly it will be. However, if that’s not a feasible option, then use the following tips:

Print fewer Colors:

We know & agree that color is incredible, we mean, how could we not? We deal with hundreds of different inks a day & we have grown a custom to loving color, but sometimes awesome comes with a price. This is why we offer alternatives because what some people want may not equal what some can afford, and we understand this. But, we disagree that price should be the deciding factor on whether your team, event, or organization orders t-shirts or not.

Print in fewer Locations:

Were you thinking of getting your clothing produced with the front & back print? And with sleeve styles as well? It is going to cost more than printing on the front only. So if you can get your message across in a single print rather than all over the t-shirt, go for it – it’ll be cheaper & also faster to print.

Avoid Last-Minute Rush:

This is often unavoidable, maybe your boss forgot to inform you that they’re sponsoring the event this weekend or last-minute plans get executed. However, more often than not, with a little bit of planning, you can place an order with a flexible deadline. While our standard production turnaround time(TAT) is just 5-7 business days for most of the orders, we can do it quicker. However, that means shuffling jobs around & increasing production times for other customers. By ordering with plenty of time to spare, you can stay within budget & have your order in hand when you need them. Urgent orders can go up to an extra 50% on top of the regular order price depending on how quickly you need your personalized t shirt, so if you’re on a budget, it is undoubtedly best to plan! Also, don’t forget to consider shipping time as our turnaround times are strictly for our in-house production.

Avoid Oversized Garments:

This may not be possible as you cannot change the size of the people wearing t-shirts. However, if you are ordering to have an inventory of promo apparel to hand out here & there, avoid ordering oversized garments. In most cases, small through extra-large are all priced the same. However, as soon as you go to an XXL or larger, the manufacturers generally increase the price & the increase can be quite significant.

Use t-shirt Colour to your advantage:

This one entirely goes hand-in-hand with the printing fewer colors option. When designing your artwork, consider what color garment will be used & think about how you can use the garment color as part of your design. If your artwork is blue with a yellow outline, why not look into ordering blue t-shirts, printing a yellow outline & letting the garment take care of the rest!

Avoid Personalizations:

Avoiding personalizations is a similar concept, like reducing the number of print locations. If you order for a group of people, like a team, or your staff, you may consider having a unique number, title, or the person’s name somewhere on the t-shirt in addition to a generic print that will be the same across all of the t-shirts. Adding personalizations generally requires the use of vinyl heat transfer, which can be costly in terms of materials as well as significantly increase the labor time involved to individually set up, cut, layout & press each personalization onto the t-shirts. If you have something additional on the t-shirt for an upcoming event, think about using something generic which will work for everyone, such as printing “STAFF” or “TEAM [BLANK]” on the back.

Choose basic T-shirts over Fashion:

This depends on your exact requirement, whether it is for an event or selling tees for your brand. If you sell them for your brand, you’re probably going to want to go with a higher-end, more expensive one. On the other hand, if you are looking for free giveaways, then you should stick to cheaper options.

Get in touch with us if you’re not sure about anything. We pride ourselves on having the best online t-shirt prices for quality custom t shirts. The design review emails we write (after you save your design), the customer support emails we respond to, and the calls we receive get answered by real people looking to save you money. We’ll always provide our opinion if we believe there’s a way to make your t shirts even cheaper.