Artwork Specifications for t-shirt printing

Artwork Specifications

To allow your project to progress smoothly, please check you have followed the below artwork specifications below when providing Wannaink with print-ready design.

Artwork specifications for all print Methods:
Preferred File Format
(ideal – provides best printing results)
Secondary File Format
(subject to Wannaink approval)

Vector Adobe Illustrator Files
(Creative Suite 6 or lower): Suitable for all print methods.

-Please outline all fonts
-No embedded raster (eg. jpg) files.
File extensions accepted:
– Encapsulated Post Script (“.eps”)
– Portable Document Format (“.pdf”)
– Adobe Illustrator File (“.ai”)

Raster Photoshop Files
(Creative Suite 6 or lower): May be suitable for screen printing, digital transfers, vinyl transfers or direct-to-garment prints – Subject to approval.

– Must be 300DPI
– At size or larger
– CMYK colour mode only
File extensions accepted:
– Photoshop Document (“.psd”)
– JPEG Image (“.jpg” / “.jpeg”) – must be minimum 300DPI, at size.
Other Raster Files
May be suitable for screen printing, digital transfers, vinyl transfers or direct-to-garment prints – Subject to approval.
– Must be larger than 500px on longest side
– File size must be no smaller than 200KB.
File extensions accepted:
– TIFF Image (“.tiff”)
– JPEG Image (“.jpg” / “.jpeg”)
– PNG Image (“.png”)

Other Requirements (Print Method Specific):

Digital Transfers

You should provide artwork in CMYK color mode.
If you wish to assign your own vector cutline, please see our transfer cut lines information. Supplied cut lines may have to be altered if deemed unsuitable for our machinery.
Please note that the utmost print size for transfers is 40cm x 50cm.

Vinyl Transfers

Please provide your desired print (vinyl) color from our Vinyl Color Swatches. If no color is supplied, the closest match will be used.
Vector files are strongly preferred for this method. In other words, Wannaink reserve the right to refuse artwork if the quality is not suitable for our print methods.
Please note that the maximum print size for transfers is 40cm x 50cm.

Direct-To-Garment Printing

300 DPI resolution or higher (at full scale/at size) is recommended. Visual pixelation may occur if the artwork is less than 300 DPI resolution.
Please note that prints can’t be larger than 26cm x 36cm size.


Please supply artwork in CMYK or Pantone Solid Coated spot colors. The closest thread color is going to be assigned to your artwork altogether instances.
Please make sure the text is not any smaller than 4mm height, this is the absolute minimum size to make sure legibility.

Screen printing

All screenprint artwork will be converted to Pantone Solid Coated® spot colors.
In most cases, the closest CMYK color match possible will be used. However, we prefer our client to supply Pantone swatch colors wherever possible.

The maximum print size for your screen print will be limited to the smaller of both dimensions below:
Max Screen Size:
42cm wide x 55cm high
Garment Size:
The width & length of your smallest garment (print must fit within this area)

Useful Information:

Artwork Size (for all print methods)

Please note that if sizes aren’t provided, our production team will resize your artwork to make sure it looks appropriately sized across your garment spread (as the print size is fixed across your entire garment sizing breakdown).

Mock-ups/Artwork Approvals

Please note that, for all orders of 15 units or more, a digital artwork approval & mock-up will be provided for your sign-off before printing begins.

If you would like to make your own mock-up for our guidance or reference, please download the appropriate template from our blank mock-ups page.

Sending Your Artwork

Please email your artwork to [email protected], or the representative you have been in contact with, if known.

If your artwork size is more than 10MB, please send it via one of the free online transfer services listed below:
– YouSendIt
– SendSpace

Need to send multiple files? Ask us about setting up a Drop Box account.

Pantone Swatches

View Swatches Online:
We have a list of Pantone® swatch colors available online. However, please be aware that on-screen colours do not provide accurate colour representations.

Find and Assign Swatches in Adobe Illustrator:
To open the Pantone Solid Coated® colour library in Adobe Illustrator, go to the top menu bar and select:
“Window” > “Swatch Libraries” > “Colour Books” > “PANTONE solid coated”

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