Innovate, Take Risks, Break the Rules, Change the game, be an ENTREPRENEUR.

Stagnancy is the Enemy. Action is the KING.

Our ultimate goal is to provide every entrepreneur working towards creating the lifestyle of their dreams, a brand that they can personally identify themselves with.

Outwork Everyone
Chief Happiness Officer
I'm Ceo Bitch
Dream Big Hustle Harder
Invest in My Startup
I'm CEO, Bitch
My Code Is Impressive
Entrepreneur Formula - Entrepreneur t-shirt
9 to 5 is for the weak

We know what it really is like to start a business as a entrepreneur, and decided to create a company that celebrated this craziness. We’ve seen too many companies making t-shirts focusing on motivational sayings and the glamorous side of startups. Unfortunately, it’s far from glam to start a business, and you’re dealing with a lot of shit that’s no fun. Our entrepreneur t-shirt and apparel focuses on this side of the startup world (while sometimes we do a motivational t-shirts or hoodies). We think we are bringing humor and happiness to what truly entails starting a business.

We praise kick-ass entrepreneurs who make this planet a better place. The people who take significant risks, struggle sometimes and keep on going forward. The people who hear no every single day, but stay inspired, and try to figure out that one yes, they know it is out there. People who didn’t take a day off for too long, forget what it’s like to not work around the clock. The people who are not only breaking the rules are changing the game for us all. Our brand is about those people. We share their enthusiasm, and use them as rocket fuel to build every entrepreneur t-shirts and hoodie you see on our website.

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