The Polo t-shirt is back! Wanna know how to wear a Polo T-shirt? You are in the right place. The polo t-shirt is a versatile wardrobe staple that every man needs in his closet.
If the t shirt had a slightly older sibling, it would be the polo t-shirt. However, even though polos are less casual than t-shirts, they are just as comfy. They are also comfortable to wear & super versatile. A win-win for us guys!

There are many ways to Style the Classic Polo T-shirt. Let’s begin with Polo T shirt outfit ideas any guy can pull off:

Shorts and Sneakers

Shorts and polo tees go together: they were meant to be, and they’ll probably always be cool.

We suggest wearing chino shorts that are above the knee. You can never go wrong with khaki chino shorts. However, feel free to mix it up with colors like blue or yellow.

Also, do not afraid to dress up this casual look with a pair of brown loafers in leather or suede.

With Chinos

Chinos are good alternatives to jeans, as they can be dressed up or down easily & they look great with polo t-shirts. If you do not want to cuff your pants, buy chinos that are the proper length. However, if you do like to cuff, we get it – it’s a cool, laid back look that lets your ankles breathe during spring & summer.

With chinos & a polo t-shirt, you can wear sneakers, boat shoes, driving mocs, the loafers-the choice is yours. If you do show some ankle, make sure to go sockless or wear low profile socks that disappear under your shoes.

Jeans & Loafers

Do you want to dress things up a bit? Throw on some fitted jeans & a pair of brown leather loafers. Interestingly, this look works well with chinos too! Medium or light wash jeans look fine with medium or light brown loafers, while darker jeans will look best with dark brown, burgundy, or black loafers.

Either way, ensure your jeans are not so long that they are stacking up on top of your shoes. A little bit of “pants break” is ok. However, too much can look sloppy.

Tucked In

Do you want to dress things up a bit more? Just tuck your polo tee in & throw on your favorite blazer. Go with a pair of loafers or leather lace-ups. When in doubt, you cannot go wrong with a navy blue jacket. Soft shoulders & patch pockets will give any jacket a more casual feel – perfect for wearing over a polo t-shirt.

With a Suit

This is as formal as it gets. To dress up a suit, you can swap your dress shirt & tie for a polo t-shirt – tucked in, of course. Well, this look is not for everyone. It can feel a little hard to pull off. The key is to ensure your polo t-shirt fits well. If it’s too big & long, the whole look will get ruined.

If you wear suits most of the time, especially in warmer climates, give the polo t-shirt a shot!

T-shirts are often found in the wardrobe of an individual because they are trendy, comfortable, and inexpensive. Polo t-shirts are also a fashionable wardrobe staple because their classic look works with so many different styles. You can buy them plain, printed, or you can even customize your own.

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