Who We are!

We are Wanna Ink. We are more than just an apparel company….

We’re a company of dreamers – of thinkers, movers, shakers, & believers. We believe in quality over quantity. We know that we’re not just customizing or printing any apparel, we’re helping people make memories.

We started this business as a pet project, manufacturing good quality, well- fitted t-shirts with quality printing for companies. As we received a positive response from the market to our products, we focused on producing retail-worthy apparel for the masses.

We strongly believe that there are many innovative ways to create customized apparel in the 21st century. We’re expanding our range of services to serve various customer demands from a single quantity order to 30,000 pieces. We want to innovate the old and obsolete ways of the industry. We aim to save cost, resources, and time.

Thank you for believing in us. Welcome to the Revolution.

We live by our Core Values, which have brought us to where we are today and will drive us to where we want to be tomorrow.

Under-Promise, Over-Deliver

Under-Promise, Over-Deliver


Think Creatively


The Only Constant is Change and Improvement

Since our inception, we’ve been taking small but steady steps to create a solid foundation for our business, delivering innovative products and services over the years.

We are continually working towards improvement because we treat our workspace not just as a place to do business, but as a place to learn every day. We always work in various ways to deliver the best quality product with even faster turnaround times. From quality print and exceptional customer service to something as simple as delivering on the day we promise, we make sure you get exactly what you want – when you want it. We’ve worked extremely hard, learned many lessons, and have invested boundless amounts of time and energy into perfecting our craft to bring you a top-quality product with a delivery date you can count on consistently.

We appreciate our incredible customers, our talented team, & the new heights we’ll reach together. Thank you so much for all the love and continued support!


Deepi Sharma

Managing Director
Best known for her gabby nature. Her zeal to take Wannaink to a greater height is her wings of fire. Our company as she describes is her only place to prove her creativity and enthusiasm for crafting any ideas.
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William A

CTO, Board
This cool dude is a technogeek and was born in Ranchi. You can find him working late night and trawling over the websites for interesting techno-updates.
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Awtar S

CMO, Board
Hailed from Steel City, oversees all activities in the marketing department and is responsible for the creation of innovative marketing strategies that will build the business’s brand, leading to increased revenue, awareness, respect, and relevance among the business’s target audience.
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Deepak S

Deepak Sharma

He is responsible for managing the promotion and positioning of a brand or the products and services that a company sells.
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