Show off your brand with the embroidery in a whole new way.

Embroidery is the ornamentation of fabric using a needle and thread. Think thousands of vibrant threads, tightly constructed together, creating a 3D design that can detail graphics, logos, and messaging. Additionally, think of color, versatility, and durability. That’s what custom embroidered apparel is all about.

It is the most common print method for workwear, trade wear, and corporate uniforms because it has a clean and professional finish. It’s also the most long-lasting print method.

An attractive logo is crucial for developing awareness of your product, brand, or service. Having your logo embroidered onto your company clothing presents a professional image that sets you apart from your competitors. The embroidery will withstand the heavy wear and tear that we put our uniform through.

Set yourself apart with awesome embroidered apparel. Our embroidery experts go the extra mile to ensure your Custom Embroidered Polo T-shirts or apparel looks impressive! Depending on the number of stitches (size and density of the artwork), multiple colors are included in the logo without any additional cost.

Embroidery is the first choice for corporate and business clothing, and we are proud of our quality, selection, and price.

Types of Custom Embroidery Services:

  • Standard: The most common embroidery option. Stitching that looks sharp and lays flat on top of the garment.
  • Metallic: Add some shine to your embroidery designs. Choose from metallic yarn options to make your designs pop.
  • Puff: Puff embroidery gives your design a dynamic, 3D look, as the stitching raises above the garment.
  • Hand embroidery: Artists craft artwork with thoughtful details, created “slowly” with love, meaning, and purpose.



Custom Embroidery Services Process – Here’s how it all works:

We believe in customer satisfaction, and we take great pride in the quality of our artistry. We also know that your logo represents your organization or team, and we want you to stand above the rest!

Step 1:

The client sends us their artwork or design. We take that design, clean it, and find the best way to embroider it on custom polo t-shirts, caps, or other apparel.

Step 2:

We send a final soft proof of the design to the client for their approval. We do not begin production until each customer is 100% satisfied with the final design.

Step 3:

We send the design off to our embroidery team, who quickly & carefully hoops and sews the logo onto the client’s products.

Step 4:

Each piece goes through a quality assurance process, wherein additional fabric or stitches are trimmed and cleaned up, and every piece is checked and then re-checked to ensure complete and total accuracy.

Step 5:

We ship the order through our courier partners to the client’s address and provide them with a tracking number and delivery date also.

Step 6:

The client receives their beautiful embroidered products, falls in love with them, shows them off to everyone they know, and posts nice things about us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest or just shouts it from the rooftop.

Embroidery Design Samples

sample of hand embroidery on fabrics
Hand Embroidery

sample of embroidery on t-shirt
Standard Embroidery

Embroidery solutions for branding and brand awareness is an important way to make the presence felt for most companies in the already crowded marketplace. Companies are offering the same product, the same service, and offering at nearly the same price. It is therefore important to market your brand and your product better than the others to improve its visibility.

Custom embroidery services have gained acceptance, as many companies have identified their real potential for promotion. Whether used on clothes with hand embroidery, headgear, footwear, or hand gear, it always allows companies to achieve true brand awareness in a unique, recognizable way.

In addition to printing, we also specialize in finishing and packaging services that send out your apparel ready for the shelves.

Our service was designed with the customer in mind to make your ordering experience as convenient and straightforward! Our online design studio makes it easy for you to customize apparel for your business, school, nonprofit organization, family reunion, and more!