It looks great in the day but it comes alive when the lights go out.

Glow in the dark printing is the process of creating screens in the same way & set-up as the standard screen printing process. The difference is that it allows you to give an added effect & make the print or parts of the print, glow in the dark. Once printed, the artwork or design looks grey or off-white. However, when the lights go off, the ink glow in dark, creating a bright and eye-catching print.


The pro effect for your custom t shirts

Glow in the dark screen printing is a versatile printing method. It works well on nearly all garment types, except garments that feature long fibers, for example, fleeces.

This printing is an excellent option for fashion & retail clients as well as Marketing & PR agencies having clients who want something that differs from the standard mainstream screen-printed designs. For the best results, the garment should be ready to withstand heat. However, if you’ve got a particular garment & unsure, then get in touch with us, and we will be happy to advise you.

We use this print on T shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, polo tees, tote bags & lots of other products, so we’ll be ready to find a solution that meets your requirements.


If you wish to see the full potential of glow in dark ink, expose it to at least 30 seconds of sunlight, walk into a dark room, and voila!

While the intensity of the glow effect gets faded over time, we have seen garment glow well after 20 washes. Before being washed, the glow in dark ink will have a light feeling to it. However, once washed, it’s nearly just as soft as our standard ink.

To preserve the print & the garment, we recommend that you wash it inside out in a cold wash. Don’t use a tumble-dryer & do not iron over the print.

You can customize lots of garments with the Glow in the dark print method.

You get your beautiful glow in the dark t shirts, fall in love with them. Wear ’em often & post nice things about us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or just shout it from your rooftop!


Stand out with Glow in the Dark T-shirt Printing. Specialty Printing is available for orders of 50 or more items and often require special pricing. If you have queries regarding this print or would like to place an order with glow in the dark t-shirt printing for your business, feel free to contact us at [email protected]