Make your brand more Professional with Custom screen printed tags or labels.

Custom screen printed inside tags or labels are an excellent way to give your brand an additional touchpoint in a stylish, memorable way. These neck tags or labels go a long way in giving your t-shirts a more custom, retail-quality finish.

Our water-based inks are entirely unnoticeable to the touch, which means you will not feel any discomfort on the back of your neck while wearing your t shirt. It looks great and also gets rid of the itchy, irritating manufacturer tag.

Custom neck tag printing

Artwork Size

Our standard max artwork size for the tag or label printing is 3″ x 3”. Large tags can be printed, but the price will increase.

Ink Colors

Standard ink color options for neck tag printing are black, white, or grey. Custom ink colors are available with a minimum requirement of 100 pieces.

Recommended Information

We recommend including the following information in your tag or label art: Company Name, Fabric Contents, Country of Origin, and Care Instructions.

Size of the Font

Keep tag or label art moderately bold. The recommended minimum type size is 3 points. We can go smaller. However, anything less than recommended may not be legible, depending on your t-shirt style, color, and ink type used.

Minimum Quantities

Our minimum order for label or neck tag printing is 50 pieces per design.

Tearaway Tags

If your t-shirts come with tearaway tags, we don’t charge to tear those out. Please be informed that tear-away tags will sometimes leave small pieces of the tag still within the t shirt seam. If you do not pay for tag removal service, we’re not liable to remove all pieces of the tag should some remain in the seam. If you would like them unsewn for removal, thus eliminating the chance of the tearaway remnants, standard removal fees, and turnarounds apply.

Tag Removal

You may add +3 days to your turnaround for the removal of the sewn manufacturer tag. Not all seam styles are the same. Therefore, not all sewn-in tags get removed in the same way.

Tear Away Neck label for T-shirts

Ink Changes

Ink color changes are not allowed on tag or label prints.

Multi-color Tag or label Art

‍If you wish to have multiple ink colors in your tag or label art, there is a 500-piece minimum, and its price varies. Please contact us for details.

Print Placement for Art

Please be aware that there would be a 0.75” placement allowance in any direction on custom neck label printing.


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