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Choose Various Clothing Labels For Your T-Shirt

Woven Labels:

Clothing labels are the most common and economical way of identifying your garments. Everything we do is 100% custom, ensuring your logo, lettering and colors are woven as accurately as possible. Whether you are an established company or a brand new start-up, we can help you brand your items with a woven labels that will fit your needs and budget.

Different types of woven labels are: Satin Labels, Damask Labels, Taffeta Labels

Custom Wooven Clothing Labels

There are various types of folds or cuts that you need to consider when creating the woven label that’s best for you and your brand. There is an additional charge for additional or multi fold.

Straight Cut or Heat Cut
Straight Cut or Heat Cut
No Folds. Straight cut labels are usually sewn on on two or all four sides.
Manhattan Fold
Manhattan Fold
Similar to a centerfold label, except the top of the label is folded down, creating a flap to tuck the bottom fold into.
End Fold
End Fold
Folded down on the left and right side to create a softer edge.
Center Fold
Center Fold
Folded in the middle and usually sewn into a seam. It can also be used for sleeve and hem labels.
Mitre Fold
Mitre Fold
The ends are folded under and up, creating a tab to be sewn into a seam.
Die Cut
Die Cut
WannaInk can cut your label to a custom shape of your choice. Die cut can be made on the outer shape as well as inside the label.
Center End Fold
Center End Fold
Folded in the middle and ends. Mainly used on the outer hems of tops.
Overlock Stitch
Overlock Stitch
Create a high quality woven patch with an overlock stitch on the rim of the woven label.

Heat Transfer Labels:

Heat Transfer labels, also known as "tag-less tags", are a great option for customers who want to brand their clothing without the bulk of a woven or printed label.
The heat transfer tags are Pantone color matched, with flexographic ink. They are silk screened onto a clear velum backing and come pre-cut and ready to apply. Heat transfer labels are best on sporty t-shirts, athletic wear or baby items like newborn bodysuits. The heat transfers are easy to apply using a regular household iron or an industrial heat press (recommended for best results).

Heat Transfer Labels

The heat transfers are very high quality and stand up through dozens of washes without fading or chipping away.

Why choose heat transfer labels?

Some people worry about their customers cutting their brand labels out of the garment; with heat transfers, your branding stays for dozens and dozens of washes and no one can rip them out! In addition, we have many customers using heat transfer labels as graphics on their clothing or products.

Infant/Baby Clothes

If you are making baby clothes, especially for newborns, soft woven or printed labels could work very well and are often used. But, if you are really concerned about a label rubbing against an infant’'s skin, then a heat transfer label is best.

If you really like the look of a woven label, you can put a heat transfer in the neck area and woven label on the outside trim.

Athletic Gear

For athletic gear or workout clothes, a woven label could potentially irritate someone's skin during a lot of activity. Heat transfer labels would eliminate this problem and are very popular with athletic gear manufacturing.


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