Ready to make your Apparel Pro with Customized Branded Hang Tags?

Share more of your brand story with your customers by adding custom hang tags design. Branded clothing hang tags instantly help elevate your t-shirts from good to genuinely professional apparel. Use hang tags to show relevant information like size, cost, and information about your brand in a cool, stylish way.

We don’t manufacture hang-tags ourselves, we do know of some great places to get them.


There are several creative ways you can put hang tags to use.

  • Shop or boutique items.
  • Include product specifications or instructions.
  • Create thank you cards.
  • Customize bottle labels.
  • Use for holiday decor or label gifts.
  • Include coupons or mail-in discounts.

Placement Options for Hang Tag

Hang tags are traditionally placed within the collar label, within the collar fabric, or under the right/left armpit fabric. If you’d like us to put them in another spot, please let us know while placing an order. A small hole within the location where the plastic fastener is applied is common, so we recommend placing the fastener within the collar label or under the arm.

branded custom hang tags

Setup instructions

Most customized clothing hang tags have the logo/website or a design on one side and additional product details on the other side. However, what you wish to include is ultimately up to you. If you want to get a running start, we suggest things like your logo, website address, contact number, style, description, color, size, price, and barcode.

NOTE: If you would like to supply your custom thread hang tags and safety pins, we are happy to attach those also. We ask that you thread the hang-tags together before you send them to use. If we’ve to string them together, an extra fee will apply.

Added Turnaround Time for Clothing Hang Tags

+2 days for attaching t-shirt hang tags.


Hang tags, also known as price tags or product tags, is an effective and fun way to make your products pop off the shelf—or the rack. Custom clothing hang tags infuse your brand’s personality into your product, so it stands out of the crowd. To get started on your custom print project, please call our helpful printing experts now at +91 965-­454-6400 or to request a quote. We’ll get your quote to you within a business day, usually in just a few hours.