Establish your brand on a different level above others with Custom hem tags

Hem label/tags are a smart, attention-grabbing add-on that gives your t-shirts or apparel a feel of higher quality while making your brand instantly recognizable.

Hem tags are commonly placed on the sleeve, neck, hip, or hoodie pockets of the apparel.

custom woven hem tags

Be Creative

What you want to put on your hem tag is your choice! Keeping in mind, these tags are typically small, often, a strong logo is all you would like to have. The rest are usually on your care labels or labels you’ve got affixed inside your garment.

Usually, a bold logo, and in some instances, you’ll include your website’s URL. Remember that these tags are generally small (up to 1″ wide), which leaves little room for too many details.

You could have your logo on each side, or your logo on one side and a few texts on the back, allow us to know what you would like and we will help you design it.

Double siding your logo is also trendy.

Placement Options for Hem Tag

You may add your clothing hem tag to any item, in any place you choose. The question is, where should I place Hem tags? We recommend the areas of the neck, the sleeve, the front pocket, or the bottom/side hem. However, you shouldn’t feel limited!


Manufacturing Hem Tags

We don’t manufacture woven hem tags for clothing ourselves, we do know of some great places to get them. Please be aware that hem tags generally take 7 to 10 days to be made. Once we have your hem tags available, there is only an additional 3-day turnaround for attaching them to your garments.

Providing Your Labels

If you would instead source the labels yourself (or already have them), you may send them to us to use on your orders. Please ship them to your consultant’s attention, so we know how to identify them once they’ve reached our facility.

Added Turnaround Time for Custom Hem Label or Tags

+3 days for sewing on the woven hem tags, +10 days needed to be manufactured.


Create the highest quality add-ons for your brand, effortlessly. Those tiny little tags can set you apart. We call these Apparel Finishings.

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