Add some bling to your design with our high-quality foil printing method.

Foil printing on fabric is increasingly popular and is a special variety of fabric design that adds something a little extra to your artwork. It gives your silkscreen prints a mirror-like appearance and shines when the light hits them. Foil transfer prints are exquisite and luxurious and can significantly improve the value of your apparel. Foil transfer prints are ideal for the next level of your retail fashion clothing.

It is a two-step process that allows us to print your design with a shiny metallic finish. First, we screen print the shape of your design using an adhesive ink. We then apply the foil over the top of the adhesive. Heat it to 300 degrees and remove the excess leaving only the shape of your design on the t-shirt. This method is an excellent solution for designs that require a shiny, reflective look or just for something a little different on your future order.

foil print

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What color foil is available?

Silver and Gold foil printing is the most common, but there are plenty of other choices, too. You can choose the colors – black, red, blue, green, copper, gold, and silver. However, if you’re looking for custom colors, those are also available. Foil can be any shade you like, glossy or matte.

Is foil print on fabric long-lasting?

It will remain of the fabric for a long time as long as the foil applied properly. Be aware that the shine of the foil gets fade every time you wash it. This is the reason why most of the people choose to hand wash fabrics decorated with foil.

What is the average turnaround time?

The standard turnaround time is 7 to 14 business days from the date you place an order. However, to expedite your order, contact us at +91 965 454 6400 to ensure we can meet your deadline.

How large can you Print my Design using T-shirt Foil Printing?

We recommend a maximum print area of 12″ width x 17″ height. It is the standard size for a large image on a typical adult-sized t-shirt. For special requests regarding oversized printing or different print sizes, please call us at +91 965 454 6400.


Foil Wash Instructions

If screen printed foil is done correctly, it will last for several washes. However, remember that even after the first wash, the reflectiveness and shine will fade away. Here are several tips:

  • We recommend that you craft your foil prints in a distressed grunge look. It helps make the fading of your paper foil less noticeable over time as the foil print starts to crack and fade.
  • It would be best if you also wash your t-shirts inside out in the cold water.
  • The most preferred is hang drying. Use low heat in a delicate process when using a dryer.
  • Do not iron-on the foil print.

How can I request a price Quote on T-shirt Foil Print?

For help with pricing and other details on silver or gold foil printing on fabric, please contact us at +91 965 454 6400 or email. We will be happy to provide pricing as well as offer a complimentary design review to ensure that foil print is the best print option for you.