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Discharge printing is a screen printing method where the same process is applied, but discharge inks are used instead of the standard ink, which removes the color of the t-shirt instead of putting it on top of the t-shirt’s fabric. It is a cool technique that removes the dye from the t-shirt’s fabric. Discharge Printing is the right printing option to create incredibly soft, breathable, and long-lasting tees.

Custom Discharge Printing

Difference between Discharge and Plastisol

Discharge ink gets absorbed into the fabric, separating it from its original color and applying the color of the ink. In contrast, plastisol ink sits on the surface of the substrate (garment). Since the ink interacts with the fabric dye, the results can differ considerably more than when working with plastisol. As far as the final result is concerned, you will feel the print with plastisol ink, and with the discharge ink, you will feel incredibly soft.

discharge printing vs. plastisol ink printing

Which fabric is best for discharge printing?

We generally suggest 100% Cotton for discharge printing, as the reducing or discharge agent works best with natural fibers, but specific blends work just fine! The effect could not be as good when discharged with heather or tri-blend fabrics, depending on the polyester’s color. Black polyester garments won’t discharge because the agent can’t remove the polyester color.

The color of the garment is another consideration for discharge. A few colors, such as Royal Blue, Red, and Kelly Green, can be challenging. Discharge ink strongly responds to reactive dyes, but these colors have fewer reactive dyes, which contributes to a more subdued discharge. Designs that prepare for this look great, but it’s essential to know this, so you don’t expect a bright white.

Advantages of Discharge Printing

Choosing discharge screen printing for custom clothing printing has some fantastic advantages.

Soft look and feel: Everyone loves those super soft cotton t-shirts—custom t-shirts made from discharge printing look and feel softer than t-shirts made from plastisol ink.
Lightweight: Discharge is also excellent for large prints, and without all heavyweight, you can have the large design that you want.
Vibrant Colors: Do you like vivid, vibrant colors for your customized t-shirt design? Even though discharge gets done on dark fabrics, you can still get the bright, beautiful colors that your design requires.
More Details: If your artwork has more details, and you do not want to miss them, the discharge printing will keep all these important details.


You probably read this thinking, “Wow, this is amazing! However, there are drawbacks as well. Not all fabric colors get discharged; our apparel consultant can help you determine the best printing technique for your customized apparel.