Stay puffed! Evoke 80’s nostalgia with Custom Puff Printing on fabric.

Puff printing on fabric is one of the oldest specialty effects in screen printing. It is a plastisol ink that modifies with the addition of a heat-reactive foaming agent. The ink expands when exposed to high temperatures during the garment curing process, leaving you with a unique puffy dimension to your design.

It is also known as Rubber printing – an economical alternative to High Density or Super Gel print. However, it has a much softer marshmallow-like quality. The Puffing process tends to change the color of the ink, making it slightly lighter after puffing, making it difficult to match the perfect color.

custom puff screen printing

Incorporating Puff Ink into your Designs

Since the ink stays flat on the fabric, like any other regular plastisol ink before it’s exposed to heat, there’s space for innovation and imagination when using it, and we think it’s a great way to add effect! The use of puff ink as a single-color texture is an example of this. The style is somewhat exciting and attentive. You can use specialty ink as a raised keyline around the text or as a gradient.

puff printing also known as rubber printing

Puff screen printing is a great way to add something extra to a design. Use this as an accent to make a specific part of the artwork stand out or use it for the entire artwork! Puff ink or Rubber printing has rounded edges for a nice soft look.

We recommend, washing the t-shirt in cold water and drying it on cool to extend the longevity of specialty inks.

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